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George Box

20 April 2004
12:30 pm PDT

Pink pill central. Get your pictures of pink pills here. He's got lots of pills and pictures of pills, all of them pink. I think he might have boob stories, too.

5 Mar 2004

The Student Forum has gotten so out of hand that I've begun saving all the gems in a special folder for your amusement. I especially recommend the homosexuality debate and Garrett Wales and Abe Kaul arguing over who has the biggest crush on their political science professor. It's all good stuff, though, and I may eventually add some notes to the side.

16 Nov 2003

Student News hurts so good. I love it. This time things got so batty I actually made an annotated list instead of just talking about it. Fifteen messages give you the highlights, but there's a lot more to it. There's something that makes this story especially funny, but you'll have to find that information yourself.

3 Dec 2002

It has come to my attention that one of my professors is stalking me. Said professor needs to think of her tenure possibilities and the impact that my course evaluation may have on them. Said professor should also remember that I have photographic evidence of her giving me the finger. I think I've hinted enough.

4 Oct 2002

Some naughty little VA employee's been leeching. This means the music was moved again. This means if you want to see some music, you've got to get the URL from me by e-mail. Sorry, but people suck.

15 Sep 2002

Maybe I should mention that GameForms went to hell in a handbasket, and that Gamers.com is probably your best bet. Their main page is anusoidal, but the news and reviews pages are very readable and useful. You may even recognize some names from the GIA. Some good names from the GIA.

26 Aug 2002

Scientology: it's what's for dinner. Yeah, I finally aided the cause. I hope I get into a troll battle with the Scientology bigwigs now. Woohoo!

23 Jul 2002

So much new music it's not even funny. Most of it's in the Yoko Kanno directory, but I also got the recent Final Fantasy concert and a new rip of the End of Eva soundtrack (which needed it badly).

A few words about Cowboy Bebop, though. Its soundtrack is good. Its soundtrack is great. It's one of the best things ever made, quite honestly. But it's now living in its own shadow. I was slowly acquiring the entire discography, and now I have done it. This means I have the limited edition boxed set.

While the original soundtrack CD's are phenomenal, I have to stress that the boxed set is so great as to make me want to run out into the street and proclaim its perfection. Just look at the packaging to get a taste of what I mean. It is ideal. If you are considering buying it, and you know you like the music, then go ahead and buy the thing. It may be the best thing I own right now (although I may come down off the high at some point).

It's completely r0ck0 Sp0ck0.

15 Jun 2002

Nothing much to report. I seem to have made J. Parish mad at me, and I put up a whole bunch of pictures. Pictures of what? General gar, ish, etc. Feel free to play the voyeur, but don't get mad if you see yourself in there. Extremely explicit or disturbing pictures (like the one where Gloria rolls around on a pile of raw meat, laughing) have been put elsewhere so that kids do not accidentally run into them. Actually, I'm just disorganized, but we'll all pretend it's for the children.

Go play.

6 Apr 2002

It's taken me a while to say anything about this, for whatever reason, but the Gaming Intelligence Agency is gone. Many of its members have started a new site, with the astonishingly dull name GameForms. They join such prestigious organizations as GameFAQs, GameStop, GameNow, GameDildo, GameInformer, GameSpy, GameFan, GameGar, and a metric assload of others in the "insipid name" section of the Internet.

Unlike the coming Star Wars movie, however, GameForms has the chance of rising above its dippy name and being something great. I don't know if it will ever replace the GIA, since Andrew Vestal, Nich Maragos, and Zak McClendon, arguably the GIA's most prominent members, are absent. So it'll be the best gaming website on the Internet, yes, but only because of whose ashes it rose from.

My new default page is Tastytronic Industries. Gar.

9 Mar 2002

So while I'm not gonna put a link up to the music again, it's all there. I just changed the directory name. It's in ishy. Just try not to leech too heavily. Oh, and I got some new stuff. It's in mp3 until I come by enough money to buy the soundtracks for myself. I really recommend the Xenosaga soundtrack. Beaujolais!

7 Feb 2002


16 Jan 2002

HALO Review.

I was sitting on this one until I got some screenshots, but I never did. Just read it and enjoy my wrath. I may add more later, but frankly the game isn't worth the trouble of mocking further.

11 Jan 2002

So not only can you buy a Japanese XBox that was "person"ally signed by Big Willy Himself, but you can buy an XBox top. Have a look.

20 Dec 2001

I'm sure that many of you have noticed today's change. Apparently, my brother wasn't aware that I'd made the oggs so easy to get to, so the implied acceptance from him wasn't really there. So they're gone. If there's a particular piece or pieces you want to see, let me know and I can do a daily or weekly thing.

In retrospect, it's amazing it took so long for robots and ish to leech the oggs wholesale. At least they're not massive mp3s. I'm really sorry this little fiasco caused so much trouble for my brother. Bleh.

10 Dec 2001

The most popular page on this website has been updated with one more picture. I've been sitting on this one for a while, and finally put it up. Watch my hits double.

5 Dec 2001

Links from CrackMonkey, sites referring and linking to my XBox page, hits due to my massive music collection, and other such events have managed to send my Google juice through the roof. Not being the selfish type, I decided to share. If I find a way to make a links page without actually making a links page, I'll put these there, but for now enjoy the link-fu:

I feel so dirty.

2 Dec 2001

Okay, so in the middle of finalizing three rants, I found time to rip and upload a little novelty TMBG music. Knock yourselves out:

I also uploaded some embarrassing pictures of myself and others. Enjoy.

28 Nov 2001 12:42 am PST (242 Sighting!)

I've found my bile again. A hastily-written rant is up on the Ones and Zeroes page. Go and feel my wrath.

18 Nov 2001

The new music is as follows:

18 Nov 2001

Somebody alerted me today to the fact that the FF4 and FF5 OSV directories weren't allowing downloads. I went through and fixed the permissions for the files in those directories, as well as a few stray ones here and there. If anybody turns up anything else that's not working, please let me know.

Also, I should have another music update by the end of the day. I borrowed a friend's copy of Handel's Messiah and ripped it. I'll start uploading the oggs now, and will post a proper link later. Enjoy.

11 Nov 2001

Two new directories in the music tree:

9 Oct 2001

The rest of the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack is in, so get your filthy claws on this Oggu Vorbisu action:

29 Sep 2001

I just got a couple more Cowboy Bebop music CD's. One is just the next disc in the OST, but the other is a pretty nifty collection of remixes garnished with Lambda Expressway/Ruby style DJ speeches. It's in English, and the CD came with a textual translation into Nihongo. Nice change.

24 Sep 2001

So I just uploaded what I think is the last of my music. For the multi-disc ones, you'll have to pick them out of the Uematsu directory. Putting up a link here for every CD would just be ludicrous.

20 September, 2001

It's a marvelous experience to rip an entire CD and gain hard drive space in the process. MP3 has never sucked as much as it does now.

New uploads:

18 Sep 2001

The following artists' work either has been uploaded or is being uploaded:

17 Sep 2001

I found a very nice quote from a very bad artist and put it up on the XBox Is For Sucks page. I came across it in the latest Wiretap feature at the GIA. Witty!

And as I type this, the new Ogg Vorbis rips of the Pink Floyd directories are being uploaded. Enjoy the teeny, tiny files. They Might Be Giants is coming up next, by the way.

13 Sep 2001

So now that the GIA is up and running once more, I'm happy to report that the proper context has been added to my "Kiss My Ass, Satoru Iwata" page. Go have a look, and be sure to give blood or money or something to the Red Cross or some other relief agency.

Also, the following albums have been uploaded:

11 Sep 2001

Yeah, I know there's a national crisis on right now, but I still have news. I've been gradually updating the music directories with new encodings. Ogg Vorbis rc2 has some very, VERY good compression rates. The files are much smaller, and I'm in the process of updating everything. Give blood, and enjoy the music.

Recent uploads:

31 Aug 2001

I got rid of the music page as it existed before, and changed up the directory browsing to be more like the rest of the site. The old, old music page can still be found here, but to get access to all the oggs I uploaded you'll have to peruse my directories here. I'm still working on getting ALL of the directories to look nice, but it's getting there.

29 Aug 2001

Sweet jumpin' Jehova on a stick! The GIA's in trouble! If you are even CONSIDERING buying an XBox, give the money to THESE worthy folks, instead! It's the ONLY right thing to do! It's what Flipper would do! I just repeated myself!

29 Aug 2001

I added some shots of the Japanese XBox and its controller to the XBox page, and I added a proper link to it from the Ones and Zeroes page.

I also just revamped the Music Page. Go have a look.

28 Aug 2001

Satoru Iwata's offense may have gone unnoticed by many, so I'm posting a piece on my reactions here that should shed some more light on it. The quote is right now messed up, because the GIA is down and I can't get to the source, but I'll post what I have, anyway.

I also added something or other about Devil May Cry to the Ones and Zeroes section. Have fun.

24 Aug 2001

I will have Shigeru Miyamoto's baby.
Satoru Iwata can kiss my 19-year-old ass.

30 Jul 2001

I recently had the chance to play FF10. Before you start to get excited about this game, read my detailed (HA!) explanation as to why you should NOT be. Really, really should not be. Square, why you gotta go an' make me hit you?!

23 Jul 2001

I changed the destination for the Ones and Zeroes link, since everyone who wants to has seen the Final Fantasy movie. The portraits are still up, but they're only linked to from their news updates for now. I may be adding a page for miscellaneous ish later on.

The new destination is a new page I threw together about console gaming.

23 Jul 2001

I was at Kicks the other day and a friend tipped me off to an image he saw at Video Senki back in March. I have shamelessly grabbed it, and I hope Video Senki doesn't mind, but it was a perfect addition to my Guide to Why the XBox Sucks.

25 Jun 2001

I finally added the Nikola Tesla writeup to the stories page. "Finally" is starting to become a catchword around here. Maybe I should start doing this ish right the FIRST time.

21 May 2001

Okay, so somebody explain to me why the X-Box sucks so much. It's big, awkward, and it sucks. Why does it suck so much? It won't stop sucking. Like, it's a big box of monkey poop. And not the good kind of monkey, either. It just sucks. Like, at least Sony's biggest safety concern with the PS2 is that kids will dance on it, and put water and paper clips in the CD tray. But MICROS~1 is going to have to worry about these things falling on people, or throwing out backs. See for yourself.

18 May 2001

Well, I re-did the Tesla writeup for this site's layout. I must say it looks quite nice. You can find it here.

18 May 2001, 2:42 pm PDT (242 Sighting!)

Found a doozy of a read about the wonders of Nikola Tesla. The licensing makes it possible for me to put it up here under my own visual style, so I may do that. For now it can be found at Temple of the Screaming Electron. Anyway, read it here.

9 May 2001

The status is that Rob Levin should get a life.

9 May 2001

Added some larger versions of the Final Fantasy Movie portraits, which show an apalling level of detail. I think Ryan Whittaker has lazy eye. Nutty. Anyway, I also made a couple of mild formatting changes to make news updates more readable, but it's nothing to write home about.

5 May 2001

Added a whopper of an update to the music page. I wish I had the CD this was on so I could make an ogg of it, but this mp3 will have to do.

28 Feb 2001

Final Fantasy Movie portraits! These are mug shots of the "cast" of Square's tragillion-dollar computer-generated movie. The "photography" is about the only hint as to their origin. Go Square!

27 Feb 2001

Added a song and fixed a typo. Whoopee!

29 Jan 2001

Hiroshi Yamauchi goes apeshit! He pulled an automatic weapon out of his purse and SLAUGHTERED MILLIONS! How did he get to be so evil? He plays video games. Yup.

27 Jan 2001

The Sotry of Mel is now up in what should be a relatively easy section to find. I also found his last name. Beaujolais to last names!

One more item for the music page. I couldn't listen to the whole thing the first time I was laughing so goddamn hard. No comedian could ever, EVER be this funny. Go listen.

25 Jan 2001

Pretty big update to the music page. Make sure you can play ogg vorbis music, because it rocks.

29 Aug 2000

I finally went through and cleaned up all the Hunting of the Snark pages. They're formatted to match the rest of the site now, and should be much easier to read. Any remaining typographical errors, though, are just plain NOT MY FAULT, so go bug someone else. I'm going to bed.

18 Mar 2000

Well, lucky me. I found some more crazy shit from Chu Chu Rocket to force down your gullets, and I finally gave credit to the GIA for being my supplier.

15 Mar 2000

One more little piece of music you should all enjoy. Whoever finds it wins a prize.

14 Mar 2000

A really goddamn good update to the music page. Go have yourself a look-see.

9 Mar 2000

Well, I added the beginnings of a new section, so check it out. This one has the potential to turn into any number of things, but for now it is a bunch of excuses and one MP3. Expect another little update shortly.

11 Jan 2000

Woohoo! A real update! A story/poem/crackpipe/whatever is up in a section you'll never guess, so all you lucky literate folks be sure to take a look!

10 Jan 2000

Not a gimongous update. Not even an update, exactly. Hell, I just added some freaky shit from Chu-Chu Rockets and changed this text. There's still nothing else here.

Proud recipient of the Drew Cosner Smartass Award
The Chu Chu Rocket images on this site were borrowed shamelessly from the GIA.

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