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George Box

I love this college and all of its students. But sometimes I just wish they would die. Here's why.

Fit the First
In which we learn that policemen's jobs are not as complicated as we think.

Fit the Second
In which Brian Gehr loses his mind completely. Also, God.

Fit the Third
In which Brian's history comes back to haunt him.

Fit the Fourth
Fighting fire with fire may not always work, but you can bet it'll be fun to watch!

Fit the Fifth
Enter Stevey McPriceypants. Note the crucial statement at the end of his second "paragraph".

Fit the Sixth
Reduction ad absurdum.

Fit the Seventh
Stevey gives Brian a run for his money in the "new meanings for old fallacies" competition.

Fit the Eighth
"GTFOML" stands for "Get The Fuck Off My List".

Fit the Ninth
Kam makes things about as clear for Stevey as possible. Will it work?

Fit the Tenth
In which Stevey introduces the "ad hominum" fallacy, and dares us not to care.

Fit the Eleventh
In which our hero provides adequate historical context.

Fit the Twelfth
In which Stevey misses the point entirely.

Fit the Thirteenth
I'm not really sure why Cole is here, but it's nice to see someone appreciate Kam's efforts.

Fit the Fourteenth
In which Stevey McPriceypants takes his toys and goes home.

Fit the Fifteenth
In which David Rozovski says what's on everyone's mind.

BONUS!: Epilogue

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